End of Semniar

Written on 13.10.2020 11:34 by Maurice Rekrut

Dear students,


the seminar is over, by now you should have received your grades and we wanted to thank you all again for participating in the seminar and your great work!

If you should have any comments, feedback or opinions towards the seminar, we are happy to receive it via Mail.

One last request from our side would be to check your PCs on installed Software from the seminar.

We are currently missing one license key from the Unicorn headset, so if one of you should still have installed the Unicorn Suite on his/her PC and the key activated, please deactivate the key, otherwise we need to request a reset on manufacturer side :-(


We wish you all the best for your future studies and hope to see you again in some BCI related lecture/semniar :-)


Best and stay healthy,

The BCI-Seminar-Team

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