Information about presence at DFKI

Written on 14.07.2020 16:44 by Maurice Rekrut

Dear students,


by now most of you should have been at DFKI at least once and received the introduction to the lab and signed the consent form.

As some of you have informed us, that they will probably not need all the days we offer in the lab, but also work from home partially, we will need to agree on a common way of announcing the days that you want to be here. The reason for this procedure is that we have a maximum number of persons allowed in the building per day and if you should not show up, we can reschedule these presence days to DFKI employees.

The procedure therefor looks as follows, please keep track of the days that have been assigned to you, group 1 started on Wednesday, had their second appointment on Monday, the third appointment on Thursday and so on. This will remain the order and therefor define the available days that you can be present at DFKI.

If you want to do so and come to DFKI, please inform us latest until Thursday the week before. Please write an email to your supervisor as well as and in CC with the following content:


Subject: BCI-Seminar presence at DFKI


Dear <name_of_supervisor>,


the <name_of_group> -group would like to be present next week on <day_of_presence> from <start_time> to <end_time> with the following people





Please have in mind that the start and end times should lay between 10 am and 5 pm.

If you do not send this mail until Thursday evening, we do not expect you to be here the following week and you can not be at DFKI, so please plan ahead and inform us in time! THX!






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