Kick-off meeting

Written on 05.04.24 by Anna Maria Feit

The kick-off meeting will be on 22nd of April where we will explain the organizational details of the seminar. After this meeting we will assign topics offline.

AI for HCI: Optimization Methods in User Interface Design and Adaptation

Anna Maria Feit, João Belo

Mondays, 14:15 - 16 in E1.7 R3.23.

The recent advances in AI and other computational methods have changed how we design and create user interfaces. Optimization methods and machine learning techniques can be used to automate parts of the design process, support designers in their creativity, optimize the user experience, and automatically adapt interfaces to a person's context and preferences.
In this seminar, we will learn about specific algorithms and AI methods from optimization and machine learning and see how they are applied to problems in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This seminar is highly interactive and builds on the participation of all students. Every week, you will read about an algorithmic method and a paper that applies this method to an HCI problem. Students take turns assuming different roles, acting as presenter, developer, journalist, and more. Thus, you will practice your presentation and writing skills but also get a chance to implement one of the methods yourself. The format is very interactive, and students typically enjoy the lively discussions. 

This seminar is highly interactive and builds on the active participation of all students throughout the semester.

Every week you will read a paper from the HCI domain and prepare a set of discussion questions. In addition, participants take turn in assuming different roles:

  • AI expert: give a detailed introduction to the algorithmic method used by the HCI paper, read additional material about the method.
  • Teacher: Meet with the presenter prior to the session for a practice talk and give them feedback 
  • Journalist: write an article about the topic of the week that can be understood by the general public

In addition, at the end of the course there will be a practical phase for which you take the role of a developer: 

  • Developer: implement a method covered in the course to solve an HCI problem (either given or choose your own) using python and Jupyter notebook
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