AI for HCI (Seminar and Proseminar) Anna Maria Feit

AI for HCI (Seminar and Proseminar)

Anna Maria Feit, Computational Interaction Group
Thursday, 14:15 - 16:00



The recent advances in AI and other computational methods have opened new opportunities for users to interact with computing systems, initiating the creation of entirely new interaction technologies, enabling novel ways to understand, model, and predict user behavior and changing the entire design process of user interfaces.

In this (pro-)seminar we will look at the state-of-the art of how algorithmic methods are applied to human-computer interaction (HCI). We will learn about specific algorithms and AI methods from machine learning, optimization, bayesian theory, and other AI-related areas and see concrete examples of how they are applied in HCI.


Students can take this course as either a seminar or a proseminar. As such, it brings together Master and Bachelorstudents. It is highly interactive and builds on the active participation of all students throughout the semester.

Every week you will read a paper from the HCI domain and prepare a set of discussion questions. In addition, participants take turn in assuming different roles:

  • Presenter [Proseminar]: give a short talk about the paper that you read in depth
  • Teacher [Seminar]: give a short talk that teaches the algorithmic method to the other students. 
  • Journalist [Proseminar + Seminar]: write an article about the topic of the week that can be understood by the general public
  • PhD student [Seminar]: write an extended paper abstract for a potential follow-up project that builds on the work 

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