Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Joerg Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Jana Koehler


Registration is Open and Course will take place in Summer Semester

Written: 20.03.2020 10:02
Modified: 31.03.2020 20:08
Written By: Jana Koehler

Dear students,

please register as soon as possible if you intend to attend the AI lecture. The registration deadline is currently set to May 5. Earlier registrations help us to plan the online resources for this course. Tutorial registration ends on May 7.

The official start of the summer term has been postponed to May 4. However, starting from April 6, we will make a few lectures and an assignment sheet available online such that you can begin working. The sheets will be voluntary and you cannot earn extra points towards exam admission, following the faculty guideline.

Looking forward to work with you!

Prof. Jana Koehler

Prof. Jörg Hoffmann

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