Alignment-free Sequence Analysis Algorithms (Seminar) Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann Seminar in Bioinformatics (M.Sc.)


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Alignment-free Sequence Analysis Algorithms (Seminar)

In this seminar, we discuss recently published algorithms for alignment free biological sequence analysis, mainly on DNA sequencing data. Starting with an original paper and using the lecture "Algorithms for Sequence Analysis" as background knowledge, participants shall explain a recent method in detail with all necessary additional background.

Both a presentation and a written report are required. An implementation can also be attempted or an existing implementation can be studied on public datasets to check whether the claims made in the paper are true.

A kick-off meeting will be held in the first week of the winter semester. A first draft of the slides and the report are required before the holiday break around Christmas. We will do a peer review, i.e. other students will write a review of your drafts and vice versa. Presentations will be late in the lecture period (the exact dates will be doodled). The final reports are required by the end of the lecture period.

Caution: You cannot register here (in the CMS) directly. You must apply using the seminar system If you are admitted to this seminar, you will be asked to register here. You will also need to register for the seminar exam in LSF separately in due time. Otherwise, you will not get a grade. Please read the "Prüfungsordnung" and "Studienordnung" for all rules and regulations and adhere to them.

Note: A seminar gives 7 CP corresponding to 210 hours of work. This means, you should plan to work approximately 14 h per week every week on average on the seminar material during the lecture period, as there is no work after the lecture period. If you are not ready to invest this amount of time, do not pick this seminar.



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