Let's try zoom next week

Written on 09.11.2021 12:06 by Vera Demberg

Hi all,

as you noticed, there were at least two technical problems this week.

One was that there was a significant time lag between me changing slides and slides changing on TEAMS. This can happen when there are too many people in a TEAMS meeting of when the internet connection isn't sufficiently fast. We will try to fix this by moving to zoom next week. I have updated the TEAMS meeting such that it now contains the zoom link as the location, so you should be able to join the zoom meeting still via your TEAMS calendar.
Also, I post the link here, in case that is more convenient for you:

The other problem was that the camera of the room was not connected to the room computer (or at least, it did not react). This problem would affect both TEAMS and zoom, and I hope that it will get fixed until next week.

Finally, I will try to use the blackboard less and instead draw on the slides; this way, the remote people should be able to see equally well.

Best regards,

Vera Demberg

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