Finalize groups

Written on 27.10.2021 10:40 by Emilia Ellsiepen


There are still a couple of groups with only two members, please already start working on the assignment, we will see what we can do about it.


We already merged some of the groups, respecting as much as possible the turorial group and/or same study subject. If you would like to be assigned to a group, please create one for yourself, this way it's easier to get an overview of who is still looking for one.


Dear students,

please make sure that you form your groups until tomorrow noon.

For groups with less than 3 students, we will merge them tomorrow afternoon to give you a chance to work together on sheet 0.

Please also note that tutorials are now fixed! We have a lot of students this year and sadly cannot accomodate all of your individual preferences.

You will find your online tutorial on teams. We will also create a channel for each tutorial there, where you can ask questions to your tutor (they are not yet in place). If you did not yet join the course on teams, please do that as soon as possible!

Thanks and good luck with your first assignment!



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