Tutorial rooms

Written on 20.11.2019 10:02 by Matthias Hock

Hello everyone,


rooms for the tutorials are now fixed.


Tutorial 1 will take place on thursdays (8:30), in building E1 1, room 206.

Tutorial 2 will take place on wednesdays (12:15), in building E1 7 (MMCI), room 323.


The first session of tutorial 1 will be this thursday, and will be a recap of what we have done so far, as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions.

The first session of tutorial 2 will be next wednesday, with the same content.


Tutorial attendance, as well as tutorial submissions, are optional, but strongly recommended. Hence tutorial assignment has no meaning beyond ordering your submissions. You will be free to assign yourself to one of the two tutorial slots once I have figured out how to enable that in the CMS...




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