Schedule for Presentations is online!

Written on 01.06.2020 23:23 by Christian Kaltenecker

We will have five sessions for presentations at the predefined timeslots from mid of June until mid of July 2020. Please have a look at the materials regarding the schedule for your presentations and see when your presentation is scheduled.

Attendance is mandatory for all participants for all presentations (i.e., for all sessions)!

One week before your individual presentation, you have to submit a first draft of your presentation slides to the CMS. You have to upload the draft of the slides to the session your presentation is scheduled to (e.g., if your presentation is scheduled to Session 1, please upload your draft to Session 1, not to any other session!) Afterwards, you will receive feedback to your slides from your advisor (after draft submission but before your actual presentation). We recommend to arrange a meeting with your advisor.

The final version of your slides also has to be submitted after your presentation has taken place -- the version of the slides you will have used in your presentation. There is a separate entry for the submission of the final slides in the CMS (again, make sure to upload them to the correct session).

Please try to acquire a webcam for your presentation, so we can be sure that you are presenting in person.

The link to the Zoom meeting is the following:

In case of questions, please contact your advisor.

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