Peer Paper Summary Deadline POSTPONED

Written on 03.06.2023 11:56 by Immanuel Haffner

Dear all,

I have postponed the submission deadline for your peer paper summaries to June 18th, 23:59. Please make sure to not miss this deadline! You can submit your paper summaries via CMS on your personal status page. Please file one separate submission per paper. (Do not submit a single document summarizing both peer papers.)

After the submission deadline, your paper summaries will be made accessible on the CMS within this course so your peers can access your summaries. Your summary should be 1-2 pages. If you can manage to summarize the paper in one page, that is perfectly fine. Please also add remarks where you feel the paper is lacking detail, experimental results are unexpected, claims are not properly supported by proofs or experiments, or anything else that you feel needs to be discussed. Also, if you have a hard time understanding a particular section of a paper, please write that down and let your peer know. There is no shame in not understanding (parts of) a paper -- its often the authors' fault ;) Your opinion will greatly aid your peers in preparing an excellent presentation and better manage where to invest more time.

Overall, I suggest that you put in the effort to writing those summaries that you expect from your peers ;)

Regarding Peer Group D: You must write a summary on your peer's paper as well as on your own paper. This means you will be writing two peer summaries, like everyone else.

All the best,


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