Final Grades

Written on 17.08.2023 09:15 by Immanuel Haffner

Dear all,

we have decided on your final course grades.  The course grade is determined to a large degree by your presentation. Your peer summaries and your participation in the Q&A were considered mostly when we had to decide between two grades. You can inspect your grade in your Personal Status page. Should you not find your grade on this page, please contact me immediately.

We provide you the opportunity to get feedback on your presentation. This feedback can clarify our decision for your grade and may provide useful suggestions for improvement that can aid you when preparing your next presentation. This service is optional. If you want to get feedback, please contact your assigned advisor to schedule a meeting. The meeting should take 5-10 minutes. IMPORTANT: To set expectations right, let me clearly say that this is NOT an opportunity for you to negotiate a better grade.

Thanks for this nice seminar. I hope you learned something and became even more passionate about database systems and query optimization than you were already ;)

Kind regards,


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