Online Written Exam on Feb. 23 at 2pm (CET)

Written on 03.02.2021 18:32 by Isabel Valera

Dear all,

As mentioned today in class, the exam will finally take place in an online manner on the initially schedule date. The exam will be "online" so that you can take it anywhere on earth from home, but time is 2pm CET. 

It will be a written exam, and you will be able to download the questions, and upload your responses to the cms (i.e., here). What you will need to participate in the exam:

- Access to the zoom call (not camera), where I will explain the exam rules.

- Access to the cms to download and upload the exam.

-  Access to a camera or scanner to be able to make a copy of your responses and upload them to the cms. 

- Your student registration number and study program. 

It will be an open book exam, which means that you can check your lecture notes and additional material. However, solutions that are identical to the solutions of your peers, or to solutions available e.g., online, will be consider as plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, the exam will be automatically be failed. 

More official information and details coming soon. Use the discord channel to ask question and solve your doubts towards exam preparation. 

Best regards, 

The PML team


PS Thank you for joining the course, we hope you enjoyed at least as much as we did. 




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