Exam Information

Written on 04.02.2021 14:16 by Rebecca Eifler

Here are some facts about the exam and the exam relevant content.
We also uploaded some old exercises you can use to practice for the exam.
Keep in mind that there might be some exercises for topics that were not discussed this year, and we can not guarantee that all the solutions are correct.


Exam facts:

  • The exam will be about applying the algorithms/results from the course to example planning tasks.

  • Ultimate reference are the post-handouts.

  • ANY slides/books/papers allowed.

  • NO laptops or mobile phones in exam! Pocket calculators won’t be needed.

  • The exam will be 120 minutes, starting from the moment we allow you to look at the exercises.

  • If we start a bit late, we end a bit late.

  • You don’t have to bring your own paper.



Exam-Relevant Contents:

Here’s what is NOT relevant to the exam:

  • Chapters 1, 3, 4, 17

  • Chapter 2 Section “Extended Planning Frameworks”.

  • Chapter 8 Section “Graphplan Representation”.

  • Chapter 14 Section “ps. Landmarks and Hitting Sets”.

  • Chapter 15 Section “A Walk Through the Zoo”.

  • Chapter 16 Section “Automatic Surface Analysis”.


Everything else is relevant.



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