Programming Projects

Written on 09.11.2020 13:14 by Daniel Fišer

The programming projects overview is now online (see course material). In this sheet, you will find all the organizational details regarding the projects (repository setup, nightly tests, grading), as well as a short description for each individual subproject and their dependencies.

There will be a programming workshop on Thursday November 12th at 2:15pm (see organization page). In the workshop, we will give you a brief overview of the projects you can choose to implement. We will also give you an introduction to the Fast Downward framework with some live coding to prepare you for the projects (in fact, you might already be able to finish the first project in the workshop). Before the workshop, you should have read the projects overview, and have set up your repository so you can follow the live coding in the workshop.

Please use the forums for general questions about the projects. If you have specific questions about your code, you can come to during the office hours (Thursdays 10am, see organization page) or send a mail to Dan Fišer (

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