New central Gather space

Written on 04.11.2020 13:31 by Joerg Hoffmann

Dear students,

we have, after all, decided to provide a central Gather space for the course:

This space serves for the following functionalities:

  1. Lectures, tutorials, and introductory programming workshop wil be in the "Lecture Hall" in the Gather space. Entering that space and pressing 'x' will transfer you to zoom.
  2. The weekly office hours will take place directly in the Gather space, so that students can form groups and tutors can "walk around between" these groups.
  3. The lecturers will be in Gather after the lectures, so you can walk up to them and ask any additional questions you might have.
  4. You may use this space as an online meeting space for students. The Gather space will be always open, and it provides ample space for individual meetings and discussions.

Points 2. and 3. are the reasons for designing the Gather space despite your majority "I don't care" vote in the first lecture. Office hours are more naturally supported in such a space, and the same is true for questions to us after the lecture (of which there were quite a few already). That said, you can still access lectures directly, via the same zoom link as before.

Hope you enjoy the course!

best regards,

Jörg Hoffmann

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