Exam on 29th March

Written on 23.03.2023 10:54 by Frederik Herzberg

To those who have been registered and admitted to the second exam date: 

  • The exam is scheduled for Wednesday, 29 March, 9:00am to 12:00 noon and will take place in the Günter Hotz Hörsaal. Please be sure to arrive there by 8:45am so that there is enough time for the necessary paperwork. Please also be sure to bring your personal UdS Card or an official photo identity document (passport).
  • Please ignore the seat numbers that CMS has assigned to you. We will assign you a seat directly on your arrival to the exam. 
  • Per default you will get an English exam sheet. If you prefer a German version of the exam, you can tick the box "I want an exam sheet in German" on your personal status page (till Friday, 24th March, 12:00 noon). Your language preference for the first exam will also be applied at the second exam unless you change it.

We wish you best of success in your final preparations!

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