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Written on 27.10.2023 16:30 by Michael Hahn

Resending this info as more people have registered!

Hi everyone,
Thank you for registering for the course!
Given the number of registered students, we expect that each presentation will be done jointly by two students. In fact, we now have a few more students than we can accommodate. If needed, we will prioritize students in such a way that every topic in the syllabus can be covered. Final decisions will be made after the Tuesday session next week.
Please send me an email with the following content by next Monday, October 30:
1. Your name
2. Your top four choices among the topics in the syllabus (starting with the most desired one)
3. If you want to present together with any particular student, let me know. No guarantee, however, that we'll be able to make that work.
4. If applicable, a reason why you think you should be prioritized (e.g. it's highly relevant to your research).

Finally, if anyone you know wants to take the course but hasn't registered in CMS, please kindly tell them to do so and to send me the above information.
Thank you!

See you next Tuesday,
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