Guest Talk Prof. Eddy Ilg - Fr Aug 19 2pm

Written on 12.08.2022 11:27 by Bernt Schiele

Dear students, 

I have the great pleasure to announce a guest talk / lecture by a new colleague at UdS that will take place next week on Friday, Aug 19, at 2pm. 

The talk will be hybrid:
- physical location: MPI Informatics E1.4 - room 024
- online location:
    Meeting ID: 970 4487 3513
    Passcode: 033867

Please find title, abstract and short bio enclosed below. 


Obviously the content of the talk is not relevant for the exam - but in case you want to learn more about deep learning and computer cision
and/or look for another option to do your master's thesis, you are more then welcome to attend



Title: 3D Representations for Deep Learning in Computer Vision

Abstract: In the recent history of computer vision, methods leveraging deep learning and 3D representations have shown great success. The lecture will give an introduction to 3D computer vision, starting with the fundamentals of 3D reconstruction and providing an overview of state-of-the-art 3D scene and object representations with point clouds, surface- and density based approaches. The lecture will conclude with an outlook on the future direction of the field and an overview of the research of the new CVMP lab at Saarland University.

Brief Bio: Eddy Ilg is a new professor at Saarland University and leads the Computer Vision and Machine Perception (CVMP) lab. He received his PhD from the University of Freiburg and is author of FlowNet, FlowNet 2.0 and FlowNetH, which were the first in their field. After his PhD, Eddy has spent three years at Facebook (now Meta) Reality Labs, focusing on 3D object reconstruction in the wild. He is now starting a new research group at Saarland University that will focus on 3D reconstruction in the combination with continual learning, with the goal of building future machine perception algorithms that are not rigid but able to adapt to their environment and evolve.

looking forward to seeing you again next week 


Bernt Schiele


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