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LSF registration for the re-exam

Written: 31.03.2022 12:25 Written By: Yaoyao Liu

Hi all,

Good afternoon!

The HLCV re-exam is now in the LSF system, with the date 21. April (for all exam dates 21. April + 22. April + 29. April). 
We would really appreciate it if you could register by 14. April 2022. Otherwise, we cannot enter your final grade into the system.
The exam is listed under WS 21/22 for technical reasons (HISPOS is changed to SS22 in April). 
Once we have entered the grades, they will be transferred to SS21. 

The schedule of the re-exam is available on the following webpage:
If you have any questions about the re-exam, please do not hesitate to contact me! Have a nice day!

Best regards,


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