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Important information: Oral Exam

Written: 08.06.2021 23:07
Modified: 08.06.2021 23:09
Written By: Farzaneh Rezaeianaran

Dear Students, 

*   The exam for HLCV would be oral and online.

**  The exam dates have been added on this link and entered into LSF (11.08. and 06.10. as only two dates can be entered).

*** Please fill the form that is sent to you by email to your student's E-mail (Check the spam folder as well or contact us if you have not received an email yet).

Other important information:

You have to register in LSF one week before the exam, so by 04.08. for the individual exam dates 11.08. and 08.09. (in LSF 11.08.) and by 29.09. for the individual exam dates 06.10. and 07.10. (in LSF 06.10.)  Also, after submitting the above form we will inform you to register with us for your individual exam date. After this, date registrations cannot be changed/entered/canceled anymore.


Best regards,

Farzaneh & Yaoyao

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