Today's session cancelled; please read/watch material by Monday!

Written on 27.10.2023 10:35 by Michael Hahn

Hi everyone,


Thanks for signing up for the course. Due to illness, today's class is canceled.


Please look at this brief presentation  for information about the course.


By Monday, please take a look at the material on vectors and linear equations as listed in the syllabus

On Monday, we'll answer questions and practice these topics.

I'd recommend starting by watching the videos, and then looking into the listed chapters from the notes and M&T. The latter are dense and may be difficult reading at this point, but getting used to reading dense math-y text will be one of the things you'll get out of this class. Your efforts will pay off later in seminars, where you'll often face math-heavy research papers.


See you all on Monday, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!










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