Elements of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Vera Demberg, Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Bernt Schiele


Interaction during Lecture Today

Written: 09.11.2020 09:09 Written By: Joerg Hoffmann

Dear students,

the lecture "Introduction to AI" today will be highly interactive. I will be asking you many questions, and prompt you for ideas/comments.

This interaction will be via the Discord page, in the "lecture" channel that we added for this purpose. So please make sure you have this open and are ready to enter your ideas!

You are of course welcome to also ask your own questions in the Discord channel. I will be checking this during the lecture. (I will also be checking frag.jetzt, so if you want to ask a question anonymously there, you can still do that)

See you soon!

Jörg Hoffmann

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