End of week 5

Written on 10.05.2023 14:18 by Dan Hill

Reminder: No lecture Friday (12.05.23)!


Lecture notes have been updated with the material covered so far (up to Lemma 3.11 - persistence of linear equilibria).

Exercise Sheets:

The third exercise sheet is due on Friday 12.05.23. The fourth exercise sheet will then be released on 12.05.23, to be completed while I am away (due on 19.05.23).


As mentioned in the previous news post, the following lectures have been cancelled:

  • Fridays 12.05.23, 19.05.23

Since Thursday 18.05.23 is a public holiday, the lecture on Wednesday 17.05.23 will be replaced with a tutorial in Seminarraum 6 on the solutions to exercise sheet 3.

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