End of week 3

Written on 28.04.2023 14:33 by Dan Hill


Lecture notes have been updated with the material covered so far (up to the end of Section 2.2). Next week, we will finish Chapter 2 and begin Chapter 3 (Autonomous dynamical systems).

Exercise Sheets:

The second exercise sheet is due by the end of today, the third exercise sheet will be released on 05.05.23 (next Friday) and is due on 12.05.23.


As mentioned in the previous news post, there are some upcoming lectures that have been cancelled:

  • Fridays 05.05.23, 12.05.23, 19.05.23 and Wednesday 17.05.23.

Since Thursday 18.05.23 is a public holiday, the lecture on Wednesday 17.05.23 will be replaced with a tutorial on the solutions to exercise sheet 3.

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