End of week 14

Written on 12.07.2023 14:35 by Dan Hill


The Lecture notes are now complete, and there is a tutorial on Exercise Sheet 8 tomorrow. We finished the content of the course today, so there will be no lecture on Friday. I am happy to do revision lectures next week in the usual time slots, but I would like you to tell me what I should cover (with enough time to prepare).


Additional Sheets:

There is an additional sheet of questions regarding Chapter 6 on CMS called "Sheet on Chapter 6". If you want to attempt the sheet, you can send your solutions in an email to me and I will provide feedback, but you do not have to.

There is a also a sheet called "Qualification Sheet" on CMS, which is on various topics covered in the course. Those who didn't automatically qualify for the oral exam will have to email solutions to this sheet to me by the end of Thursday of next week (20.07.23 at 23:59). If you automatically qualified for the exam then you do not have to submit solutions but, if you want to, you can also send them in an email to me and I will provide feedback.

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