End of week 12

Written on 30.06.2023 15:53 by Dan Hill


Lecture notes have been updated with the material covered so far (up to Remark 6.9). Next week we will be looking at iterative maps and their connection with chaos.

[Note that most of Section 6.1 (other than the definitions of chaos and attractors) is not examinable, but provides motivation and context for the rest of the chapter]


Exercise Sheets:

The eighth and final exercise sheet has been released, and is due in one week. There will be a tutorial next Thursday (06.07.23) on the solutions to the seventh exercise sheet.


To automatically qualify for the exam, you must achieve an average of more than 50% across all of the exercise sheets; if you average between 40% and 50%, then you will have to get more than 50% on an additional qualification sheet in order to qualify for the exam. [This extra sheet will be provided once the final exercise sheet has been marked, if any students are between 40% and 50%]

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