End of week 10

Written on 16.06.2023 14:15 by Dan Hill


Lecture notes have been updated with the material covered so far (end of Chapter 4). Next week we will begin covering Chapter 5 of the lecture notes (Bifurcations).

Room Change:

For next Friday (23.06.23) only, the lecture will be in Hörsaal III.

This is due to a memorial workshop happening in the usual room.

Exercise Sheets:

The sixth exercise sheet has been released, and is due in one week. The seventh exercise sheet will be released next Friday. There will be a tutorial next Thursday (22.06.23) on the solutions to the fifth exercise sheet.


It looks like there will be enough people qualifying for the exam that I would prefer to give you a written exam rather than doing individual oral exams. Note that this could still change, so let me know if you would prefer to have an oral exam (I won't give some people oral exams and others the written exam, but if enough people want to do an oral exam I might change my mind)

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