End of week 1

Written on 14.04.2023 15:30 by Dan Hill


Lecture notes have been updated with the material covered so far (up to Remark 1.24).

Remember that the proofs in Section 1.1 are not the focus of the course, and so I won't ask you to prove any of the theorems or lemmata regarding the existence and uniqueness of solutions to initial value problems.

Room Change:

From next week the lectures on Wednesdays will be in Seminarraum 6, and the lectures on Fridays will be in Hörsaal IV.

This is so I will be able to stream the lectures on Microsoft Teams. I will make another news about attending remotely next week.

Exercise Sheets:

The first exercise sheet has been released, and is due in one week. You are allowed to submit in groups of 2, if you wish. Remember that you must average 50% across all exercise sheets to qualify for the exam.


Tutorials will be held on Thursdays 16:00-18:00 in Seminarraum 5. They will usually be the week after an exercise sheet is due, beginning on 27.04.

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