Title Type Location Serial Start End All Day
Kick-off Meeting Meetings E1 3, HS III 19.04.23 19.04.23 No 
Group Registration Deadlines <a href="https://cms.sic.saarland/dsaiproject23/landing">CMS</a> 23.04.23 N/A Yes 
CMS Registration Deadlines <a href="https://cms.sic.saarland/dsaiproject23/students/register">CMS</a> 23.04.23 N/A Yes 
Topic Voting Deadlines <a href="mailto:marcel.maltry@bigdata.uni-saarland.de?subject=[PSDSAI23] Topic Voting&amp;body=Group Number:%0A%0ATopics from most to least favorite:%0A1.%0A2.%0A3.">Email</a> 23.04.23 N/A Yes 
HIS/POS Registration Deadlines <a href="https://www.lsf.uni-saarland.de">HIS/POS</a> 14.05.23 N/A Yes 
Poster Submission Deadlines <a href="https://cms.sic.saarland/dsaiproject23/">CMS</a> 05.07.23 N/A Yes 
Poster Session Meetings E2 2, GHH 12.07.23 12.07.23 No 
Code and Final Report Submission Deadlines <a href="https://cms.sic.saarland/dsaiproject23/">CMS</a> 13.08.23 N/A Yes 
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