Database Systems Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Marcel Maltry, Immanuel Haffner


Update of the Project Skeleton

Written: 16.11.2022 15:04 Written By: Immanuel Haffner

Dear students,

we updated the skeleton project to fix issues related to linking errors and building on macOS.  To update your project, please follow these steps:

$ git fetch skeleton
$ git merge skeleton/main
$ git push

If you encounter merge conflicts during the merge, this means that you modified a CMakeLists.txt file. Abort the merge with git merge --abort, undo your changes to the CMakeLists.txt file(s), and rerun the merge.

Note, that only one member of your group needs to perform this action.  After doing so, the other team members can simply do git pull to update their local repository.  Should you encounter any issues, please seek help in the forums.




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