Exam and Trial Exam Information

Written on 02.02.2023 12:00 by Marcel Maltry

Dear students,

in the following, we provide you with the most important information on the upcoming exam.

Friday, February 17 at 10:00. Please be there at least 15 minutes ahead of time. The exam will take 2 hours. You are not allowed to leave the lecture hall early during the last 30 minutes of the exam.

E2 2 GHH and E1 3 HSII. You will be assigned to either lecture hall via CMS before the exam after the registration period has ended. We will send a news once the assignment is done.

Permitted Materials
You are allowed to (and should) bring one A4 sheet of hand-written notes (front and back) and a non-programmable calculator. Please use a document-safe pen such as a ballpoint pen. No additional materials are permitted. We will provide you with enough paper so don't bring your own!

What to expect?
The exam consists of four exercises similar to the ones on the assignments. Each exercises should take you roughly 30 minutes.

Please refer to yesterday's news with regards to exam registration. You should now see on your personal status page whether you are admitted to the exam. Whether you are registered, will only be visible in CMS after the registration deadline once we imported the registrations from HISPOS and ViPa.


Trial Exam

The trial exam will take place during the regular lecture slot next week. We are trying to simulate a similar setting to the exam but with three exercises (90 minutes) instead of 4. The trial exam will be comprised of exam exercises from previous years. You are free to use any material but we suggest you already bring your cheat sheet and a non-programmable calculator. We will present the solutions to the trial exam during the lab slot on Friday. Both the exercises and solutions will be uploaded to the CMS after the lab.

If you have further questions, please send me an email or write in the forums.

Best regards and good luck,



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