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Reminder: Exam Registration

Written: 01.02.2023 11:20
Modified: 02.02.2023 10:04
Written By: Marcel Maltry

Dear students,

now that the deadline for Milestone 3 has passed, please register for the exam in HIS/POS (or ViPa) by Thrusday, 9 February 2023.

If you cannot register in HIS/POS due to your subject of studies (e.g. Erasmus), please reach out to me and I will register you manually. In all other cases, please contact the study coordination directly.

Note that you are only permitted to participate in the exam if you (1) scored at least 10 points in the first three milestones and (2) registered for the exam in time. There won't be any exceptions!

Kind regards,


Update: You should now see on your personal status page whether you are admitted to the exam.

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