Database Systems Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Marcel Maltry, Immanuel Haffner


Benchmarks for Milestone 3 are now available

Written: 24.01.2023 09:10 Written By: Immanuel Haffner

Dear all,

I just added the benchmarks for Milestone 3. You will have to compute optimal plans for five queries. These queries have a particular shape and size and are named accordingly, e.g. chain-12 is a query of 12 relations, joined together in a chain, i.e. T₀ ⋈ T₁ ⋈ ... ⋈ T₁₁.

You can use the Milestone 3 executable build/<TYPE>/bin/milestone3 to visually inspect the query graph and the plan you have computed.  For example, to inspect the chain-12 query, run

$ build/debug/bin/milestone3 resource/schema.sql resource/chain-12.{query.sql,cardinalities.json}

I suggest that you focus on functional correctness for Milestone 3 before tackling performance (and potentially more complex plan enumeration algorithms).

Good luck,


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