Milestone 2 Deadline postponed

Written on 16.12.2022 13:28 by Immanuel Haffner

Dear all,

we were approached by one of your colleagues, who pointed out that there won't be a lab after holidays and before the deadline of Milestone 2.  To provide a lab where you can ask questions related to Milestone 2, we decided to postpone the deadline of Milestone 2 to January 10th. You can join our virtual lab via Discord on Friday, January 6th, to ask questions to Milestone 2. The Timetable and the programming assignmen sheet were updated accordingly.

Milestone 3 will hence be released on January 10th.  The extent of Milestone 3 will be adjusted to three weeks (from four weeks before).

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

See you next year ;)


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