Deadline Extension Milestone 1

Written on 04.12.2020 15:27 by Christian Schön

Dear students,

as we had some bugs in mutable that affected your work on the project, we decided to grant you an extension of the deadline for Milestone 1. The first part of the project is now due Sunday, December 13th 23:59 UTC+1. The release of the second Milestone is also moved to the following Monday. This gives you an additional 5 days to work on the first project part. Our calendar has been updated accordingly.

We really encourage you to make active use of our forum: either to raise questions or to discuss problems with your fellow students. Discussions in the Lab might be fine if you have very specific questions related to your team's implementation, but most of the more general questions might be of interest for all of your fellow students. Asking them in the forum allows everyone to profit from the discussions in the respective thread. And it saves time as the same question does not need to be answered multiple times. So if you have questions, the chance is there that you will already find your answer in the forum.

We wish you good luck for the first project part and hope you can benefit from the additional time!


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