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Written on 20.11.2020 09:45 by Christian Schön

Dear students,

some teams seem to misunderstand the description for the team registration phase. The Milestones 0 & 1 clearly mention that we cannot assign you to your team's repository if you haven't logged in to GitLab at least once before, as your accounts are invisible up to that point. This requirement does not only affect the team member sending the mail, but also all other team members.

As we expect all participants of this course to actively work on the project, we also expect every student to have a GitLab account which we can properly link to the team's repository. Therefore please check that each team member has logged in at least once before sending your team registration by mail. All teams that have already sent a mail, should check for all team members that everyone has been assigned correctly to the team's repository. In case you can not see your repository after logging in to GitLab, get in contact with Immanuel by sending an email including "[dbsys20]" in the subject. Please mention your team name as well as your full name, matriculation number and student email address in the mail content as described in Milestone 1.

We might not grade the project for students which do not have a GitLab account properly linked to the team's repository. As the project is not deemed to be done by a single student for the whole team, we consider this as a minimum requirement for project participation which every student must fulfill. If you have any problems signing in to GitLab, let us know through the forum or by mail, we will try to solve these problems.

Hope to see you in the Lab at 12:15 pm on Discord or in the tutorials next week on Zoom (links will follow in the calendar).

Best regards


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