Assignment 2 & Milestone 1

Written on 18.11.2020 16:22 by Christian Schön

Dear Students,

we have just released the Assignment 2 as well as Milestone 1 for the project.

Unfortunately, not all students registered in the CMS have also registered with a team for the project. Keep in mind that you can not pass the course without the project. Therefore please check if you can  1) log in to Gitlab sucessfully and 2) see your team's repository. If either of these two steps failed, you have not yet correctly registered for the project. In that case, please follow exactly the registration steps given in Milestone 1. We will then try to (re-)assign you to your repository after receiving your mail.

Besides the registration steps, Milestone 1 also contains all necessary information to get you going for the first part of the project in which you will implement a row as well as a column store. Please read the instructions carefully! The deadline for this first milestone is on December 8th, 23:59 UTC+1.

The Vagrant file is now also available in the Materials section of the CMS if you need an easy to set up virtual machine for the project. An instruction on how to use Vagrant is also linked under Information.

The Assignment 2 covers the content of this week's lecture. We highly recommend to work on these assignments as an exam preparation (e.g. in the upcoming Lab on Friday). The solutions will be presented in next week's tutorials.

As always, feel free to use the forum whenever you have questions regarding assignment sheets or project milestones. Our Discord server is available 24/7 if you need a platform to discuss assignments or milestones within your team. Just create a team voice channel and join it with all your team members. Consider locking the voice channel after all members joined it to avoid non-team-members to also join your channel. Keep in mind that sharing solutions across teams is not allowed and will be considered a fraud.

We wish you good luck for the first project part and hope to see many of you in the next Lab on Friday.

Best regards


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