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Exam Results, Exam Inspection & Registration Re-Exam

Written: 10.03.2021 14:25 Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

we have finished the correction of the final exam and uploaded the points you scored to the CMS.
We also uploaded the corrected exam as feedback to your submission such that you can have a look at it within the next days.
Your results for the exam as well as your overall grade for the course should be visible on your "Personal Status" page.

We will offer an exam inspection through Discord on Friday during our former Lab time slot, i.e. starting at 12:15 pm.
To avoid long waiting times, we will split the inspection into three time slots of 30 minutes and 25 students each.
Please register for one of the time slots in the CMS if you want to take part in the inspection (for each registration, the start is given in the title, i.e. registration #1 will be the time slot starting at 12:15 pm).

When your time slot starts, please open your personal exam table by clicking on the corresponding “Exam Table” voice channel (as you did to form teams in the Lab).
Then leave a message in the “exam-inspection” text channel stating the exercise you have questions about.
Please write a separate text message per exercise, that makes it easier for us to keep track of the questions that have already been answered.

Please do not forget to register for the re-exam in time.
The re-exam will take place on Wednesday, March 24th on 2:30 pm CET using the same regulations as for the final exam, i.e. an open book exam handed out through our webserver and submitted through the CMS.
The registration in LSF as well as the CMS will be open until March 17th, i.e. one week before the re-exam.
You need to register for both to take part in the re-exam, so please check that you have indeed done so if you wish to participate.

As it was the first time we tried an open book, online exam, we would be happy to get some feedback from your side.
If you want to share your experience, you can use the (anonymous) feedback option in the CMS or open a thread in the forum if you want to e.g. discuss potential improvements.
Please be aware that we can not answer feedback sent through the CMS (as we do not see the sender), so please do not raise questions there for which you expect an answer.

Best regards

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