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FAQ Exam Regulations

Written: 22.02.2021 16:57 Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

we have just published an FAQ considering the exam regulations for the upcoming final exam. You can find it under Materials.

Most information has already been given in the previous announcement, but we still included everything in the FAQ to have a single document with all relevant information. Please read this document carefully to prepare for the exam.

One point is however new:
In addition to the solution, you need to hand in a declaration of authorship whose text is already included in the FAQ.
This declaration must be hand signed, so you need to either sign it on a tablet or you need to print / copy the whole declaration by hand before you can sign it.
As copying it by hand takes some time, you can already prepare that before the exam starts, so you only need to append it to the solutions when finishing the exam.
The whole submission (i.e. solutions as well as the declaration) must be submitted as a single PDF file, so make sure to combine them in the end before uploading it to the CMS.

We hope that all questions regarding the exam are now answered and all technical problems resolved.
We wish you good luck for the exam!

Best regards

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