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Test Exam Submission

Written: 18.02.2021 14:23 Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

as many of you have noticed, the CMS had problems during the technical test we just conducted.
As we are not hosting the CMS ourselves, we had to rely on the adimistrators to fix that problem.
They are already investigating the problem and the CMS should be up and running again in the near future.

To allow everyone to also test the submission process in the CMS, we have extended the submission until 8 pm in the evening, so everyone should have enough time to test it.
The download server will also remain online for at least that long, so if you couldn't download your exam so far, you can make up for it in the evening.
If you still encounter problems, contact us so we can resolve them before the exam.

As we might encounter similar problems during the actual exam, we will discuss internally how to handle submission in case the CMS goes down again.
We will announce this plan B and a recap of the most important information for the exam later.

Best regards

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