Important Update: Exam Mode Changed

Written on 12.02.2021 18:43 by Christian Schön

Dear students,

we are still monitoring the current pandemic situation.
Despite the current lockdown, the 7 days incidence has not decreased as much as we all hoped.
The incidence for Saarland is still twice as high as the targeted value of 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

We were therefore discussing alternatives to exams held in presence and decided that we will move to an open book exam.
This means that we will still use our regular time slot on February 24th, but we will not meet in person in Saarbrücken.

The exams will be handed out online and you will submit them online as well after the expected duration of 2 hours (we will most likely grant you a little more time to digitize your solutions).
The overall topics as well as exercise types will not change due to this movement to open book exams.
In addition, we will not require you to have a camera turned on during the whole exam (no live surveillance).
But you will still need a stable internet connection (and maybe a fallback plan, e.g. a mobile hotspot) to download and submit the exam and to ask questions in case of unclear exercises.
Keep in mind that you still need to register for the exam in the CMS (deadline is on Sunday)!

Make sure you have some white paper available at the time of the exam such that you can directly start writing as soon as you have downloaded the exam.
To submit your solutions, we might require you to hand them in as PDF files, so make sure you have a scanner or camera available to digitize your handwritten solutions and combine them to a single PDF file.
You could also write your exam directly on your notebook/PC if you prefer that, but be aware that you might have to write down formulas and mathematical expressions which usually take more time to write on a notebook than by hand.

Be aware that plagiarism is still strictly forbidden and will result in a failed exam if we encounter fraud of any type!

We know that this decision might be a surprise for many of you.
Moving to an open book, online exam will reduce the risks of Corona infections for all of us, so we hope that you agree with our decision.
More information about the exact regulations (how to access the exam, where to submit it...) will follow as soon as we finalized them.

Best regards

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