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Update Exam Regulations

Written: 05.02.2021 15:32 Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

the exam phase is now approaching and we want to give you an update on the regulations:

The final exam will be on February 24th, the re-exam one month later on March 24th.
Both exams will take place in the Günther Hotz lecture hall as well as two math lecture halls, start at 2:30 pm and last two hours.

We will distribute you to a fixed lecture hall after finishing the registration in the CMS (which allows us to keep track of possible contacts).
So make sure to register there until February 14th if you want to take the final exam. otherwise you will not be assigned a seat (the registration for the re-exam will follow later in March).
After assigning you to a lecture hall, we will also send you some additional information regarding the entrances you should use for each lecture hall and other information related to the current pandemic situation.
As entering and leaving the lecture halls in the current pandemic situation might take longer than usual, we ask you to be in front of your lecture hall at least 15 minutes in advance.
Please keep a safety distance of 1.5 m whenever possible, especially when waiting in front of the lecture halls or when leaving them after the exam.

The university has sent a mail to all students in the beginning of the week stating that they will provide masks for all exams held in presence.
As you must however also wear a mask when waiting in front of the lecture hall or when using the public transport to get to the campus, you will still need to bring your own mask to the exam, no matter what the university might prepare in the lecture halls.
Keep in mind that only medical masks or FFP2/KN95/N95 masks are allowed, but no face shields or self-made / community masks.

You are allowed to bring two double-sided A4 sheets with handwritten notes to the exam, i.e. four pages in total.
In addition, you are allowed to bring a calculator (which is not programmable).
Cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices (besides the calculator) are not allowed.

The exam might cover all topics of the lecture except for the MVCC part (i.e. the second part of the MVCC lecture). The first part of this lecture up to the break (e.g. covering Virtual Memory) is however relevant!
The exercises of the exam will be similar to the exercises on the assignment sheets, so going through them once again is a good exam preparation.
There might be a Q&A exercise in form of multiple choice questions or in form of small statements for which you should briefly explain whether they are correct or not.

As we reached the final week of the lecture period, we will have no more tutorials or labs.
If you have questions regarding the lecture contents or the assignment sheets, you can ask them in the forum.

We wish you good luck for your exam preparation.
Best regards

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