Database Systems Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Christian Schön, Immanuel Haffner


Assignment 1 & Milestone 0

Written: 11.11.2020 17:20
Modified: 11.11.2020 17:23
Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

we have just released the first assignment sheet and Milestone 0 of the project, you can find both in the menu under Information -- Materials.

As we have already announced in the beginning of the course, you will not need to hand in any of the weekly assignment sheets as we will not grade them. However, these assignment sheets contain exercises that are similar to those that you will encounter in the exam. We therefore highly recommend to spend some time on solving the exercises. The LABs will be held on Discord starting this Friday 12:15 pm, you will find a corresponding text as well as voice channel there. In each week's LAB, we will start with a short, interactive recap of the lecture before you can team up in small groups to work on the assignment sheet of the week (ideally the groups you already formed for the project, but not necessarily). Our team of tutors will be present in the LAB such that you can ask questions regarding the exercises. The solutions will be presented in the tutorials on Monday and Tuesday. As we want to give you at least a full week to work on the exercises, the solutions for assignment 1 will be discussed on November 23rd and 24th.

Milestone 0 of the project asks you to form teams of three students and to register for the project. The PDF contains all details necessary to prepare for the first (real) project milestone which is scheduled to be published next week's Wednesday. In each of the upcoming milestones, we will ask you to implement a specific component of a database system in a time period of roughly 3 weeks (excluding holidays). As we need to prepare a few things in the background (e.g. your git repositories), we ask you to register your team no later than November 17th. Details on the steps necessary to register are given in the PDF. All further information regarding the database components to implement, the steps required to do so etc. will be described in the corresponding project milestones which are released at a later point in time. The handouts (i.e. publication dates) and deadlines are included in our calendar, if you already want to schedule team meetings.

If you still need team members for the project or have questions regarding the lectures, assignment sheets or project milestones, feel free to use our forum.

Best regards


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