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Exam Regulations

Written: 02.02.2021 14:37 Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

the university has updated the regulations for the upcoming exam phase.
According to these rules, all students have to wear a mask at all times, not only when moving inside the lecture hall, but also when waiting outside before entering the hall or during the exam itself.
Due to their limited protection, face shields and community masks are no longer permitted.
You have to wear a medical mouth-nose protection (surgical mask) or a FFP2 / KN95 / N95 mask (similar to the governmental rules currently in effect).
The university will not provide you these masks, so make sure to buy some masks yourself and to bring them to the exams.

To organize the exams, we have just opened a registration here in CMS (it should be visible on your personal page).
We ask all students that want to take the exam to register there, in addition to registrations in LSF / Vipa / other systems depending on your course of study.
This will allow us to plan the exam and assign you to different lecture halls later on.
The registration is coupled with the project results, i.e. you can only register if you also passed the project by achieving at least 10 out of 20 points.
As some of you might need a few additional points from the performance evaluation, we will try our best to enter the results in the CMS as soon as possible.
The registration deadline is February 14th, so make sure to register in time.

We will send you additional information regarding the exams such as the lecture hall you are assigned to, the entrance you should use and other safety rules that apply in the days before the exam.

Best regards

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