Possible Problems Regarding Exam Attendance

Written on 26.01.2021 15:08 by Christian Schön

Dear students,

The plan the faculty agreed on in the beginning of the winter term was to hold all lectures online, but the exams in person on our campus in Saarbrücken.
However, the student council has informed us that some students coming from abroad might be unable to attend the exams in person, e.g. due to travel restrictions or missing visa caused by the current pandemic situation.

If some of you aren't able to attend the exams in person due to such restrictions, we ask you to get in touch with us until Thursday by sending me a mail stating: a) where you come from and b) why you cannot attend the exams in person (mail address: christian.schoen(at)
In addition, we ask you to monitor the regulations in your home country as well as possible travel restrictions for Germany and to inform us if your situation changes in the upcoming weeks until the exams in February or March.
This helps us planning the exams and finding suitable solutions for those of you coming from abroad.

As far as we know, there are currently no restrictions considering travels inside Germany.
Even the 15km restriction for Corona hotspots has an exception for travels related to work and school (which should cover the case of an exam at our university).
This problem should therefore only affect students coming from abroad (at least according to the current regulations we are aware of).

Best regards

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