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Assignment 9 & Exam Preparation

Written: 20.01.2021 16:39 Written By: Christian Schön

Dear students,

Assignment 9 is now available under Materials.

As we already received some questions regarding the exam, here a few clarifications:

The exam will take place on February 24th, the reexam exactly one month later on March 24th.
Keep in mind that you need to register for the exam in LSF (or the corresponding system for your course of study if you're not in the computer science program).
The registration deadline in LSF for the exam in February ends next week on January 27th, so make sure you are registered if you want to take the exam.
We are currently planning to allow you to bring two double-sided sheets of paper to the exam, all of them handwritten (i.e. 4 pages of notes in total).
The exercises you will encounter in the exam are comparable to those on the assignment sheets.
The exercises might also include some Q&A style questions as done in the Labs on Friday.
As stated on the main CMS page, you will need 50% of the total points in the project to be admitted.
Even when scoring more than 50% of the points in the project, you will still need to pass the exam independently of the project.
This means in particular that scoring all points in the project does not free you from taking the exam.
All other information regarding the lecture halls for the exam etc. will be given later.

If you haven't done so, please participate in the Qualis course evaluation as it helps us to improve the course in the future:

Evaluation form for the lecture:
Evaluation form for the tutorials:

Best regards

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