Please consider the following remarks for taking the exam:

  • Dates:

    • Main Exam: 29. July at 9:00 in the Günter-Hotz Lecture Hall. Please arrive on time.

    • Re-Exam: 25. September at 14:00 in the Günter-Hotz Lecture Hall. Please arrive on time.

  • You are allowed to participate in both exams

    • Better grade counts

    • Midterm bonus will be applied to both exams

  • Location:

    • Campus Saarbrücken

    • If you are unable to come to Saarbrücken, please contact us!

  • Content: Lecture 1 - Lecture 10 (Lecture 11 is excluded)

  • Registration: In LSF (if your course supports it, else in CMS) until 22.07. 18.09 for the re-exam.

  • Cheat-Sheet:

    • Submit in CMS until 26.07. 23.09 for the re-exam

    • <= 200.000 characters, .txt file  

    • Content: algorithms from the lectures, exercise solutions, ...

  • Laptop

    • You are required to bring your own laptop. If you are unable to bring your own laptop, contact us as soon as possible

    • Required: Installation of the Virtual Machine: https://cms.sic.saarland/cp20/2/VM

    • Required: eduroam connection

    • Test if your VM works beforehand!

      • Booting the VM

      • Connecting to the VPN

      • Submitting a solution

  • Power outlets during the exam will be provided by us


If you experience any problems during setup for the exam, please contact us immediately.

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