Action Required: Project Presentations, First Exam Info, Last Tutorial

Written on 08.02.2023 12:07 by Fabian Ritter


  • first exam: 16 Feb 2023, 15:00-17:00 in LH 002, building E1 3; be there at 14:45, no cheat sheets allowed
  • fill in the poll linked on the Materials page to schedule a project presentation for your group until 17 Feb 2023
  • there is an exam prep tutorial on Friday, suggest topics in the Discourse thread

Hi all,

as the semester comes to its end, there are several upcoming events:

On Thursday next week, 16 Feb 2023, the first exam will take place in lecture hall 002, in E1 3. The exam starts at 15:00 sharp, please be at the lecture hall at least 15 minutes prior to that. You will have two hours for the exam. No cheat sheets or tools other than writing utensils are allowed. Electronic devices will have to stay turned off in your bags at the sides of the lecture hall. Please consider wearing a mask for entering and exiting the lecture hall.

If you want to participate in the exam, make sure that you have registered in the LSF or that you have sent a mail to Fabian Ritter if you cannot register for the exam in the LSF.

The project presentations will take place from Tuesday, 28 Feb 2023, until Thursday, 02 Mar 2023, in person in room 401, E1 3.
Please enter the preferences of your group for a time slot on these days in the poll linked on the Materials page in the CMS until no later than Friday, 17 Feb 2023. Only one person should enter the preferences per group (under the group's name), please agree on them beforehand. Select as many time slots as possible where all group members are available. Your meeting will take place in a 30 minute period within a selected time slot, we will announce the exact times for each group once we have the assignment to the time slots.

To pass the project, students must participate in their group's project presentation.
At least one group member should have the project source code and a working build available on a laptop.


On Friday, 10 Feb 2023, your tutors will offer a last exam preparation tutorial. If you are particularly interested in a specific topic to discuss there, let them know in the Discourse post.

the CC Team

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