Reminder: Please upload your presentations in CMS and send us an email, if we can share it

Written on 25.11.2021 10:56 by Miriam Rateike

Dear all,

This is a friendly reminder for the next steps after you have given a presentation:

1. Please upload your presentation on CMS.

2. Please then send us an email (A) confirming that you have uploaded it on CMS and (B) whether you are ok that we upload your presentation under the materials section (visible to all students formally registered in this seminar), such that other's can profit from it. While we encourage you to share it with your peers, your decision will not influence your grading.

Kindly do these two steps directly the day of your presentation or the next day such that others may potentially profit from going through your slides again - if you agree to share.

Thank you,

Your CausethicalML Team

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